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How Peculiar, Missouri Got It's Name

Taken in part from 'Welcome To Peculiar, Missouri' by Toni Wiseman

In pre-Civil War times the pioneer settlers decided their drowsy, maple-shaded hamlet ought to have a name. After several sessions in the general store they narrowed the choice to three names, but couldn't settle on any one.

All three names were sent to the post office for consideration. All three were in use elsewhere. They decided to appeal directly to the postmaster general, agreeing to let him make the final decision. 'We don't care what name you give us,' they said, 'so long as it is sort of peculiar.'

Probably with tongue in cheek the Postmaster General wrote a long and courteous reply. He said he had given their predicament grave consideration. 'My conclusion.' he wrote, 'is that in all the land it would be difficult to imagine a more distinctive, a more peculiar name than Peculiar.' and Peculiar it has remained ever since. {Found in a clipping courtesy of Gladys Stanka.}

Source: History of Peculiar from City of Peculiar Web Site

Peculiar Stuff

Peculiar Stuff is a family owned and operated business which was founded by Bennetta Elliott in 2004. Excellent customer service, high quality products at affordable prices, and continued development of new products is the foundation upon which Peculiar Stuff is built.

We enjoy the work we do and we like the fact that each gift we create is unique. One-of-a-Kind! What we like most is the fact that we can take a photo that is special to our customer and add their personal text and create a personalized keepsake that will be treasured for a life time. We enjoy seeing the results ourselves, as well as hearing the positive feedback after the order is delivered.

We are commited to giving our custormers the quality items they have come to expect from Peculiar Stuff and the excellent customer service they deserve. Being a smaller company has it's advantages. We can give attention to the details of your order and offer custom personalization that you won't find in other stores. We provide fast turn around on items that are manufactured in house, usually 3-5 business days after approval of a digital proof.

The company name Peculiar Stuff is a bit of a puzzle when people first hear it until they realize that we are located in Peculiar, Missouri. Then it becomes a topic of light-hearted conversation.

The definition of Peculiar: markedly different from the usual, unusual, distinct, unique, beyond or deviating from the usual or expected. The very definition of the word is another reason we are Peculiar Stuff. We strive to bring to our customers quality items that are unique and a cut above the average.